John William Gordon
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Live Show Review
"The whole experience was absolutely mind-blowing. While talking to some of my friends after the show, I discovered that I was not the only person who didn't want to get up for concessions during the set due to the fear of missing something great."
- The Racquette, State University of New York
by Carter Jones, Oct 23, 2009
Review: "An evening of jazz virtuosity in Hurley's"

CD Just a Wild Guess

WREK FM radio, Georgia Tech University
"We are jazz operators/DJs at a student run radio show at Georgia Tech. We love your album Just a Wild Guess.... We play your music every shift...."
Nov 30, 2023

CD Technot

Technot CD Review
"Calling his modern blend of music 'mutant jazz', acclaimed San Francisco guitarist John William Gordon contrives a fiery fusion that deftly combines jazz and rock auras on latest release Technot. This 10-track eclectic exhibition throws down a dazzling and dizzying instrumental smorgasbord showcasing both Gordon's smoking six-string benedictions with the rest of his trio's solid chops propelling a smoldering experimental take on traditional standards and practices. Imparting a world music exercise for outer space, Gordon and crew consistently display a vigilant virtuosity that commands attention while their free-form jams like 'GVOL' and 'Back Room Flow' convey the proper atmosphere needed which increases the headspace in order to wander."
- Gears Of Rock, SOS Metal Reviews by Mike SOS, Dec 6, 2009

WAIH 90.3 FM Postdam SUNY, NY
"Really dig it! Great stuff." Ben O'Brien Smith

KQAL Winona, MN "I absolutely loved your CD!" Sarah Huenecke, Jazz Director

KSYM 90.1 FM San Antonio, TX "I'm quite impressed...." Kris Zebrowski, host of "Straight, No Chaser"

Eclectic Mix Podcast:
Show 228 - John William Gordon Jackpot Winning Selection
"Quarter of Nothing"

MP3 Jackpot Committee's Jackpot Selection
"Quarter of Nothing"

WRIU 90.3 FM University of Rhode Island
WNHU 88.7 FM University of New Haven, CT
KKUP 91.5 FM Cupertino, CA (No Pigeonholes Show +, Germany)
WVOF 88.5 FM Upper Room Show, Bridgeport, CT

CD John William Gordon

ISC Winner Logo Finalist Track: "Quidnunc Mo"

"Your CD is really excellent. Tasteful but daring, technically superior but still has emotional depth. A resounding success.... It's a tremendous disc, I can't wait to get it on the air." Don Campau, "No Pigeoholes" radio show KKUP 91.5 FM,CA, USA (also broadcast in Europe on, Germany

"Your CD has been selected as a 'Best of the Batch' and is featured on the Music Industry News Network and We really enjoyed your album which has been in regular rotation in the office." - 2006, USA
"I'm listening to it now. I like it! ...I plan on featuring this recording on future shows of mine, and I bet other DJ's will, too." -- Seth Samuel, Jazz Director, WOBC Radio, Oberlin College/OH, USA
"It is also rare to receive a CD so vibrant and compelling. From the first few notes I knew I had found something good. Your album has been added to our playlist, where it will chart in our top 30. This week it is number 1 on our jazz chart, and I have gotten 'cool albums' from non-jazz DJs. The cover art is great. I think you nailed this one. Are you looking for label representation?" -- Benjamin Weiss, Jazz Director

"The MP3 Jackpot Committee chooses one MP3 a day that's the best. Your song Quidnunc Mo won on May 13, 2008.